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cheap christian louboutin Lin Feng except now the rest of the mercenary group are in a state in which no one this time it is a good opportunity for them to accept the forces these forces may be necessary to receive many of the difficulties a lot of smart people ; the rest also guess a return to the city of night birds the city suddenly riots up no one can Yade Zhu scene but when the field Seiji Pinch broken in the hands of the Jin Lin Yufu summoned when all mercenaries are honest ; there are not honest but when Jinlin breath beheaded three two items sage when everyone knows that there is no effect against sky suddenly went dark an instant of terror coercion will be enveloped in persons body ; darkheaded dragon come! crowd came the cries of fear Jinlin slightly narrowed his eyes clenched hands of the sword Wojian big hands will loose off ; Demos wings gently a suddenly raised a large dust then Lin Feng a jump and jumped down from the Demos neck Lin Feng smiled: scare you! everyone pupil contraction shouted up at the moment they only react ; although at the moment the darkheaded dragon breath is still huge but it is no longer so amazing the strength greatly attenuated look )everyones minds were involuntarily emerge out of this idea which was the worlds most Maronite proud race ; if childhood culture then there might be tame but it has grown up Dragon is absolutely impossible to rein (in the end is what the display means! )Lin Feng in the eyes of the crowd up more and more mysterious ; Jin Lin looked at Demos straitjacket head his eyes showing a touch of slightly surprised at the scene Lin Feng looked Jinlin one immediately know Jinlin breakthrough moment is at the edge then there probably would soon break into the realm of God Lianqi Lin Feng hearts still have a lot of gratitude ; if not a golden forest Musharraf himself had long been to kill if not impossible is golden forest to collect himself enough material to refining gossip flag Jin Lin smiled and said: Retreat is not always a good thing then there half the time ; cheap christian louboutin I probably could break into the realm of Gods Lianqi it! Jinlin breath and turned around the air was suddenly swept up a golden disappeared without a trace Now give you a chance Lin Fengs eyes fell upon the rest of the mercenaries: I rescued you ; I also You can effortlessly will completely kill you! Lin Fengs not loud but the tone with a touch of aweinspiring chill actually Lin Feng and evil is also commander of the party leader who is also the temperament of the positions of the more fullbodied up ; Lin Feng commission Even a thirdCorps forces are not really but he has the strength of a product Wu Sheng but holds the Gods called the Guards of this plugin the body naturally strong momentum use vulgar words saying that Lin Feng now Daihatsu gas hegemony! ; willing to follow the adults! see a mercenary machine is not good plus they have also died in the head of Demos hands kneel in front of Lin Feng of the moment followed by the rest of the mercenaries also opt kneel in front of Lin Feng ; Lin Feng face strong they had to bow Lin Feng lips with a faint smile his forces should also be extended again this went beyond their natural moat mountains and the gang and before that there are strong in some countries ; but it is regrettable that they are not Lin Feng no gossip and no Gods a flag a completely swallowed by Demos into his own essence whether it be a mercenary group or country around the lack of strong Lin Feng also seize this opportunity ; all out of breath they take all the forces of the mercenary group to get into the hands of Noteight were from the mercenary group among which were the five kingdoms most powerful Tangs strength which is eight mercenary group headquarters is located Yu Tang Lin Fengthe integration of these mercenaries can almost be said to be in the hands of the eight most elite mercenary mercenary group ; and follow along with the arrival of the eight heads of eight other Sage Lin Feng trek with these eight individuals but it is Tang came to the king Lin Feng watching the huge wall lips also with a faint smile ; then stepped into the capital of which the entire capital of the eight mercenary group suffered a fatal blow Lin Feng is naturally unceremoniously shot against me will perish all the way can be described as bloody ; finally Lin Feng will use all means Jagged mercenary groups are collapsed into their own hands this is only a temporary folded merely forced to survive the pressure of surrender but it is also a highlevel mercenary group that at this stage They are unlikely to leave Lin Feng ; a product Wu Sheng Among these cheap christian louboutin shoes small countries have a pivotal position if not a product Wu Sheng these mercenaries dare you so arrogant the state machine that you must first surgery although one mind heist ; but they but not the means to resist but obediently seeking refuge Lin Feng Lin Feng fully contracted a mercenary group of major powers although still unable to digest and absorb in a short time but along with the passage of time ; Lin Feng believes that as long as they die then the mercenary group will not disband Fu Lin Feng came Sirius Wada Seiji reported here Lin Feng walk away and put the mess threw the two men who own a carefree and happy but before this is done one thing Lin Feng ; the strength the strength of the strong and the weak to separate all seem to follow a mercenary group mode powerful management capabilities weak this is a huge drawbacks the strength of the strong talent is also higher if the mercenary group to manage these vulgar thing ; Would not it be jeopardizing their own practice they are not necessarily good at management whim might be problems Lin FengSo very simply put more Mishina Grandmaster strong concentrated together they drink to provide the highest material practice ; but rather promoted some real management capabilities people to deal with things mercenary group although some people unhappy but the pressure forced Lin Feng and no one dared to say anything only Lin Feng obediently obey orders and give them plenty of time to practice ; but also generous offer a lot of immortality but allow them to greatly enhance the repair but also weaken the opposition down a lot Chapter goodbye Erniu0110 Lin Dance (one more)breath and took over many of the mercenary group ; in the hands of forces can be described Lin Feng soaring mercenary group in the major countries which all have their own stronghold Lin Feng took over is not a simple thing a lot of things still need to processing each others forces need time to slowly integrate Lin Feng certainly aroused strong dissatisfaction of many people but the face of such a strong will naturally have some fence Lin Feng ; Lin Feng actively seeking refuge Tian Seiji also played a full group of people who fight to win over a group of human spirit a huge mess in her hands pretty wellorganized development in some time to integrate all the forces of this new mercenary group can successfully run walk on the street Lin Feng Lin Aotian eight Lin Feng quietly follow you around ; and looked alert the surrounding environment the size of the feet as well as a pug monster head with a ring Lin Feng is now happy to idle the hair threw everything and Fu Tian Seiji Sirius Lin Feng can no any thing ; Lin Feng has slipped out to look around Lin Feng suddenly paused between steps I dare dirty clothes you know this dress I spent much money but I went for it with Mengers clothes! ; a voice to the clamor Lin Feng ears echoed but let Lin Feng feel very familiar Lin Feng frowned slightly his eyes could not help but looked down the source of the sound there has been surrounded by a group of people talking ; the hapless girl ah! actually met Master Zhang which erupted can be miserable! crowd talking about Lin Feng frowned slightly ; squeeze toward the crowd saying it was crowded Lin Feng who exudes natural gas the people around him to eleven extrusion The Master Zhang angry eyed dirty girl ; sneered opening: So Im not embarrassed of you you are not right in my dirty clothes stamp down the right hand to me The Master Zhang is still big clamor when an unexpected daisy tight just felt a terror forces fiercely over their role in the ass ; the whole people suddenly like rockets generally fiercely to the side of the lasing on the wall followed by the collapse of the front walls are open Lin Feng look gentle smile gently curled squatting on the ground in front of the figure That road barely looked up and saw the figure could not help Lin Feng a surprise cried ; this girl is none other than the city had rescued at Magnolia Lin Feng Erniu Lin Feng gentle smiles: how can you be here then I went back to Magnolia City did not see you! after Lin Feng did not capture the city of Magnolia is not thought to look Erniu saved his life after the benefactor ; but searched the Magnolia City Lin Feng did not find when Lin Feng has come to know Erniu to the Tang then do more than one thing Lin Feng will forget this did not think that here again saw Erniu Erniu looked up at Lin Feng Zhang mouth is ready to say something ; when a burst of thunder voice broke off only to see that side of previously collapsed walls crashing burst into numerous fragments and then a whole body bathed in the golden light of men he stood up Im afraid the repair person has not inferior to the average dragon martial four products the strength of tyrannical incomparable ; kick the dog days of me sound muffled roar echoed in Lin Fengs ear Lin et al Aotian instantly pulled out his sword eyes still staring coldly furious boy gently waved Lin Feng ; Lin Aotian everyone This withdrew his sword just your ass dirty my feet Im not embarrassed you give me your ass cut off Lin Feng face with a touch of grim smile ; to Lin Fengs characters moderate if not a last resort Lin Feng is absolutely unwilling to provoke some unnecessary trouble even experienced many events Lin Fengs heart becomes Henla enough ; if not to provoke each other themselves Lin Feng is not idle all right to go with someone elses trouble But Erniu it is the body of a Ni Lin Lin Feng if not be had in the city on the next Magnolia himself Im afraid one of their own has long been dead ; cheap louboutin shoes Lin Fengs body still has China the United States and Germany Zhang Lin Feng looked Master rage appears to be no way to communicate with you Lin Feng pulled Erniu ; directed at the foot of the Demos nodded and said: Demos and ate him! Demos should be a cry body swelled Suddenly a full tens of meters high bloody mouth and shoved a big ; Master Zhang Wei clearly felt a terror enveloped in their own body terrorist oppression force yourself unable to move Demos one will swallow Tommy white teeth forced a twist this spot is just the spot to the mighty Master Zhang is a mountain of two parts both man and then to swallow the bones inside are Demos ; Lin Feng seems to be doing a trivial thing in general gently patted the palm of your hand pull Erniu a small hand toward luxury decorated restaurant around hotel among Erniu gradually opened the chatterbox had he left after the original Magnolia City ; Erniu also follow to find out but do not know where to Lin Feng but was to seize traffickers trafficking all the way to the Tang do not know how much experience between tragic thing ; good In Erniu body bone thin with his face all day long dirt Actually Im experienced much suffering until the king of the Tang This escape did not expect that stumbled Master Zhang met then met again Lin Feng ; Sometimes life is so wonderful Lin Feng looked Erniu sighed softly in Erniu who he felt a responsibility to this girl saved his life should not let her continue to suffer such torture a little thought for a moment watching Lin Feng the Erniu said: So Erniu ; you are willing to follow me around you make my sister you have no relatives from now on Im your loved ones I will be responsible for protecting you let anyone bully you! ; Erniu Jiaoqu could not help but slightly shocked big mouth and swallowing the food is involuntary Dayton ended and a pair of eyes are misty with a trace of water vapor: You want me to be your sister Lin Feng just smile ; silently swallowed food to the mouth Erniu Lin Feng looked up at the opening of a serious and said: I am willing! Lin Feng laughed: Well what you do not then told Erniu you told me a last name ; called Lin dance good! 0111 Saints together to chapter sword Granville (two more)little dance which is training method you have to practice hard day ; youre body bone Void but also slowly nursed back to health! Lin Feng side Then put your hands in the hands of a tai chi style Lin nodded silently watching dance in the eyes efforts to Lin Feng taught boxing to remember the simplicity of one ; Lin Lin Feng did not give a direct strengthen dance one to the Gods is his biggest secret if there is no accident killing Lin Feng do not let a second person aware of the existence of the Gods taught dance for the forest is to start from scratch ; Lin said it is not a dance talent how good but wins in the effort and unsophisticated she is also a singleminded practitioners together so that fits and compared to Lin Feng drying nets of people do not know how much better times ; Lin felt the presence of a trace of dance interior strength then began to follow Yi Jin Jing and Xi Suijing way to rid the body of impurities Lin Feng redeemed € pulp washing Lin Dan to dance dose followed by a conversion six decades of one Dan Lin dance directly pushed to the peak of the day after tomorrow ; which is five products Jingang Wu divisions strength then start slowly nursed back to Lin Lin Feng dance body improve her fitness Advanced innate is to build the base the base building is a very slow process ; Lin dance fitness innate bad only slowly nursed back to health Lin Fengd like to direct conversion of a building Kidan but Lin Feng also know everything children too easily but not conducive to hone the mind even holding their own Gods Guards plug this experience again and again is not life and death ; this reached success today forest dance not a genius but thought it was sincere from Lin Feng Lin feel her body dance kind of martial piety no matter how talented ; its achievements will never be too low do not come to see me Lin Lin Feng is pointing dance practice towering a loud voice echoed in all of Don King over the whole as if a thunderbolt sunny general ; tasted Wu Sheng Lin Feng could not help but slightly frowned looked Demos a touch of opening: Take care of the little dance I went back to save! talking Lin Feng foot slight movement a few ups and downs before they disappear Demos and forest dance ; sound erupted from the mercenary group out although Lin Feng is nominally the head of the mercenary group but basically not very Guan Shier and in the teachings of the forest dance practice simply buy a set in the Tang the house is not in the mercenary always weekdays ; Lin Feng far we have seen come could not help but fierce brows raised is a product of Wu Sheng full twelve a product Wu Sheng while at the gate and some mercenaries mercenaries Association was knocked to the ground ; seems to have just some flesh wound and not too serious injuries Lin Feng brow slightly lock now practicing nine turn Xuangong Wu Sheng reached the pinnacle of a product the essence of brain ; Lin Feng has felt his brain began to gradually development a lot of things I thought it through Eighta product of a mercenary group Wu Sheng gone leaving only could be dedicated to each country the original eight mercenary group that transcend national forces shrink in to the ability of the state apparatus ; how will allow such forces exists between the original as well as the internal eight mercenaries also contradictory the state machine can also open one eye closed let the head of the mercenary group Demos eight to swallow the state machine is not the idea to put your mercenary group disbanded when pigs fly but settled instead Lin Feng strong integration of the eight mercenary group ; momentum vast mercenary group was born enough to threaten the power of any one country it is Asian countries are not willing to see a product of the twelve Wu Sheng said he came to visit is to demonstrations ; bad trouble Also to be beheaded on the spot directly to Lin Feng lost his left hand a gossip soon turned into a flag jeer the eight light packet directions do not know to look for Lin called anything Lin Feng Though confident but never arrogant enough to think they can be an enemy eight even if the situation is the same collusion ; this stuff is a bit of a long time unlucky is their own or simply point with gossip flag better One of a product at this time to go over Wu Sheng Lin Feng looked up and down the man in the full height of two meters away muscles standing in front of a piece of Lin Feng ; as if a wall in general with a strong human oppression Open Road Lin Feng smiling: What does this mean seem few I do not know of you we do not tell you crap ; and give you a choice of either prehistoric mercenary group disbanded immediately go back to concentrate on practice and today they make you fall so far your age seem less than twenty it! so Young Wu Sheng If a product has fallen Han growled looked Lin Feng:! ; I Fengyun are to Hello! of you is to give me a blow in Lin Feng did not bother to discuss with them coldly asked I advise you a little sensible you have to set up such a strong mercenary group is the various countries are not willing to see things ; advise you one or just leave! Wu Sheng took another one product come cold opening: If you continue to do so ungrateful do not blame us polite! God punish murderers Qingping magic sword! Lin Feng right hand gently grasping a sudden ; out of the hands will be more dense a sword Jian Qi gossip Shazhao second measure Lin Feng was curious what of you fighting with me Lin Feng slightly squinted ; It seems that you do not want to the beginning of a product ﹀ moment that cold opening: Well today is the day of your life fall from the sky and I dare to be outside a war ; Lin Feng face emerges out of an extremely brilliant smile looking at the crowd faint opening: ! Ive always been curious about crowd could not help but slightly surprised a moment Lin Feng continued: ; if you all die here today then what kind of impact it caused several congressional Kinggood arrogance! the beginning of a product Wu Sheng rage: Ill let you know what today as people outside someone! voice had just fallen this one product Wu Sheng severe contraction of the pupil up in front of a flower ; with his arms holy strength of a product is not even the slightest reaction followed by the shoulder came a sharp pain from the shoulder of a sharp Jianmang only draw to the heart not arrogant ah faint sigh echoed in his ear: but I have enough strength to kill you like a dog carcass! a corpse would then fall to the ground nameless one product Wu Sheng ; nobody even knew his name 0112 Chapterall convincing (three shifts seeking collection! )turned to Lin Feng looked blankly remaining eleven a product Wu Sheng a touch of the opening: I also believe that it should be disbanded mercenary groupthis moment ; no one dares to underestimate Lin Feng sword beheaded a one product Wu Sheng they absolutely can not do this ourselves the most horrible yes general Lin Feng ghosts that speed ; even though they are a product of Wu Sheng could not see almost no difference with Teleport they beheaded a one product Wu Sheng this is a product of Wu Sheng the entire kingdom that is ; even by Lin Feng seems to be a general cut cabbage o not say a product is a Wu Sheng even darkheaded dragon tyrannical very flesh Lin Feng also said the cut to cut ; this is Tongtianjiaozhu sword although that is projected but which might still not be underestimated you do not arrogant a product of the remaining few Wu Sheng exchanged glances ; while channeling towards all directions much of a voice: Do you think you can deal with a person means to do our endless heaven and earth upside down! his hands gently to form a handprint eleven full run of a product Wu Sheng suddenly discovered a terrible truth ; no matter how they are running at full speed but they are just a starting point toward getting closer in this world of which they simply can not escape and I want to escape Qingping sword raised his hand as if cut off from the sword chicks in general ; a product of twelve Wu Sheng Suddenly only ten an unexpected sound of a product ﹀ but it is a large hammer hammer on top of a Road Thunder light flashing constantly then fiercely towards Lin Feng boom head down ; so funny funny attack! Lin Feng gently sided body but obviously the easiest to dodge but this one product Wu Sheng obtrusive feel that their attacks have not locked Lin Feng Lin Feng is like in their abrupt disappearance the sight of them in general ; a misty blue Jianguang float he cut off his own Shuangchui then a leg kick fiercely in his chest an enormous force came this one product Wu Sheng spot kick was flying open ; just to feel vindictive disorder is lost for a time combat rest of Wu Sheng Lin Feng also opt towards offensive but strange things happen obviously simultaneous attacks but in the spectator ; Lin Feng is calmly nine attack attack attack whenever one Wu Sheng when the rest of the body is like the holy weapons freeze in general has to be considered after being defeated Lin Feng is back to normal fell like a dead dog in the street are obviously a product of Wu Sheng but Lin Feng has shown strength imaginable ; you should not be a magician christian louboutin outlet One of a product of watching horror Wu Sheng Lin Feng What Im not a magician! Lin Feng smiling opening: Now to give you an opportunity to take refuge in me One of a product directed at Lin Feng Wu Sheng suddenly thundered out: ; Lin Feng if you know you will kill us today Rexia much trouble Lin Feng shook his head slightly Also I do not like trouble if trouble came to me I must take all the trouble gave solved he spoke ; a random Lin Feng jianpi out just still clamoring for a product on the spot will be Lin Feng Wu Sheng severed neck Id like to see what will kill you in trouble Lin Feng said smiling while looking at a product of the remaining nine Wu Sheng: whether it is willing to submit to me ; in the nine Wu Sheng seemed to have nothing less than a demon remaining nine a product Wu Sheng has no idea what to say well this person really is Henla incomparable even if it is a little bit of a threat he will suffer the most terrible revenge ; we are loyal to our own country that a product has not yet finished speaking Wu Sheng Lin Feng sword gently raised a product that Wu Sheng also Dengyuan his eyes his face an expression of disbelief ; I do not like to kill but why always want to force me to kill it Lin Feng gently shrugged helplessly opening: I hate violence Oh Im looking forward to you can never let me down ; remaining eight Wu Sheng almost cry out few would have thought more people to bully people almost certain things which is so powerful that Lin Feng We pledge allegiance to you! ; finally called Wang Sheng Wu Sheng could not stand that horrible feeling depressed spot on one knee and declared his allegiance to the oath threw hand Sheng€ Wang Sheng could not help but slightly surprised Lin Feng immediately understand the meaning Im afraid it is with a certain immortality toxicity after taking it regularly taking antidote ; Wang Sheng bite the hands immortality dose immortality that melts! ShengSuddenly felt in the pubic region among the grudge is like eating a springdrug generally violent trembling but between breathing his grudge would have been a threefold increase in breath increased from intermediate to Wu Sheng Senior Wu Sheng ; Lin Feng Shenglooking look of surprise had reached such a state of a product Wu Sheng want further even more difficult but Lin Feng immortality has done which look almost eliminating nearly three decades of his penance rest of a product changes Wu Sheng Wang Sheng who also feel the same time ; a time not help but feel jealous this moment will not hesitate to make the allegiance of the Declaration Lin Feng Wu Sheng achieve a product of this state for the country has no socalled loyalty the pursuit of higher Budo ; Lin Feng is now far more than their strength can enhance the grudge repair have immortality they did not mind anything else naturally chose allegiance as will future betrayal and that is a thing of the future ; Lin Feng will not easily believe that any oath the oath is to be violated Lin Feng hands suddenly Niechu a magic quickly moving to eight people lost instantly eight magic will not into the persons eyebrows among eight tightly entangled with their souls together ; I was in the depths of your soul I planted the unique magic as long as I thought they can explode with your soul shall transcend all eternity if you have betrayed my thoughts ; that magic will will automatically explode! he spoke with a finger pinch Lin Feng agreed eight people suddenly felt a burst of drama mind chatter faint from within a broken soul like pain The pain comes and goes too fast ; magic spell designed to deal with the kind of rebellious but the magic is not required an idea will master your life and death but also very useful such a product Wu Sheng attention for their lives yet ; not Demos for the dignity even afraid of death 0113 Chapterancient temple (one more)Lin Feng surprisingly strong so that all twelve large joint attack Wu Sheng Lin Feng Lin Feng Heaven but was four and the remaining eight have been he received lackey Thus the primitive forcesmore mercenary group together enough to make a huge kingdom shocked even fear ; Lin Feng still live leisurely leisurely day in addition to practicing the teachings of the forest dance school is raising gas Manner gradually toward brain development Lin Feng increasingly felt his brain clear thinking reactions are also increasingly faster ; This day started in Lin Feng are reading books Demos is rickety into the Lin Fengs study Lin Feng looked Demos one Keke is such a thing let me say that you are not in a short time to restore the strength of it ; Demos Lin Feng looked hesitant Lin Feng Meng racking our brains smile: Im sorry ah forget! Demos legs slipped and almost fell on the floor Lin Feng smiled and continued: ; I say will help you recover you do not have to worry you need something to recover I am the Dragon dark lines we naturally have to absorb the nuclei dark lines ; the more pure nuclei as possible as long as enough has accumulated to the nucleus and I can once again evolved into the darkheaded dragon! Maritimo Adams quickly began immortality invalid you do ; effect is still there we have a talented Dragon darkness that engulfed property I swallowed so much of a product is to make use of their body Wu Sheng Jing Yuan grudge to improve my strength! Demos frowning: However this is very troublesome for me ; because I thought these vindictive takes into dark energy I need so ah then you can still direct the Department of Energy spar darkness swallowed it enough yes Demos urgent opening: As long as there is enough energy to spar dark lines is enough because I had grown two heads just give me enough energy to devour ; I will be able to quickly recover my strength regrowth of new brain! Lin Feng nodded slightly and said: So we went looking for some dark energy spar enough good! Demos could not help but slightly surprised a moment immediately surprise: ; really master Are you afraid of me strength strong enough to resist you Lin Feng smileddoes not care: To get rid of inhibitions even God can not level you think you can do it Demos could not help but slightly surprised ; Lin Feng smiled no longer speak readily spread the Gods said to himself: Where Gods display sufficient quantity spar darkness! consume some merit points then they clearly emerges out of a map ; Lin Feng looked a little about it said to himself: In the past takes about three days from the time we are here to prepare it we left a little later! subsequently attracted eight Wu Sheng Lin Feng and Fu Tian Seiji two Sirius simply told something ; and then handed over to Fu Sirius Wada Seiji a person a Yufu can be detonated implicit mind among the eight Wu Sheng magic Yufu this out is to have a period of time Lin Feng also worried that they are not they can not suppress these masters ; Demos turned toward the destination rush of carrying Lin Feng meters long dragon one dragon speed of passing a void after Lin Feng Demos leaning back bounce Gods started in silent query map according to the mapn the display ; which is an abandoned palace palace which is located in the Great Mountain which is second only to natural moat mountains a mountain but also a cluster of Warcraft the end is extremely dangerous ; and the palace is an ancient god of darkness Di shed Department down the palace where the darkness inherent in the Department of Energy spar will not say but there are some treasure he collected for many years consecutive days and three nights Lin Feng came to a town called Casey ; here is a recent one near Great Mountain town let Lin Feng Demos stopped then they themselves Among break into the town But when Lin Feng came to town when they are surprised because the whole town were crowded ; even some of these are a product of Wu Sheng Lin Feng just came in that moment it felt Lin Feng no fewer than twenty shares of a product Wu Sheng breath rich and Manner of have reached a very strong state it is absolutely impossible to cover up ; unless the state in order to reach just entered the small town atmosphere that has put more than twenty shares to Lin Feng Scan down again Lin Feng could not help but slightly frowned then walked into a hotel see Lin Feng went immediately there came a smiling boy walked over ; casual to the point of it! Lin Feng tilted his head: You gave me the stores specialties to the point! they gave Lin Fengside on a table full of dishes when folks see Demos sitting on a chair with time to enjoy dishes Lin Fengface ; man could not help but slightly surprised a moment immediately laughed: Oh your pet is really interesting to do ! Lin Feng eat a few bites just could not help but feel uninteresting stopped chopsticks Lin Feng demand for food is getting lower and lower ; Lin Feng also just eat some fruit or some nourishing thing but will eat these things in the body to form an aggregate is not conducive to practice Demos Lin Feng did not make so many taboos plus these dishes is really delicious ; and finally he simply jumped on the table unceremoniously eaten up folks ask you a thing you have so many people here often do how I feel people in town than usual to much Lin Feng strange looking boy asked ; this is not a big thing that I heard in the Great Mountain in ancient god Di found a palace now our town long see some of the big names shake a few days ago are still with us day sage eaten it Guys seem to be addicted to say Lin Feng frowned slightly ; said to himself: Could it be that dark god Di palace really catch up with the time! heard the news Demos do not eat anything firmly fixed Lin Feng Demos an opening touches to the folks shocked ; Warcraft actually talking which in the end is what grade of Warcraft Lin Feng smiled and said: These weapons are not yet holy anxious what we shot it the physical conditioning to the peak which is something we are who ; 0114 Chapter hapless duo (two more)let Lin Feng quite uncomfortable the hotel has been fully staffed has no place to rest Lin Feng who never felt a headache because of residence universal capsule Pearls readily lost smoke filled the air ; a luxuriously decorated quaint houses will appear on the open ground universal capsule is really essential travel home good things ah! Lin Feng also said that sleep sleep fast after a moment they were caught in a deep sleep but lets breathing is still very smooth ; even though deep sleep Lin Feng is also still in a state of wonder among Heaven In this state which spirit will get speed of recovery if some of their hostility to the outside world they can also instantly awakened from a deep sleep which ; actually full of people! Lin Feng has just entered a deep sleep shortly after they walked out of the town from two shadows did not think there could be so much a product of Wu Sheng and shake heaven and sage actually came thats the king of the strong level ; it seems only camped up! Another figure helpless shrug we seem to be entering the town from here where more when a house the first person amazing opening: I remember ; theres obviously no house the shape of the house is also very weird ah! if I remember correctly Li Dong watching the house could not help but be surprised cried Dong Chengang point to the idea quickly went towards the front of the house ; evidently seems someone there to live! came to the house entrance Dong Chengang right hand resting gently on the door the room feel a bit of information and then determine the road you and I can not camped it! ; Li Dongs eyes sparkling with a strange light two people to each other hehe smile revealing a hintbased Friends of unique expression then pound Zamen sound echoing up severely Lin Feng into a deep sleep ; but if it is not met with a hostile attack he is categorically not awakening so Lin Feng still sleep well until the end of time does not mean that no one does not know someone Zamen does not mean that the dragon did not know ; when two people are still Zamen Demos look uncomfortable from the house came out and Li Dong Dong Chengang two people are Zamen could not help but shocked at the same time do this owner of the house is a World of Warcraft ; do not sleep well at night what doors to knock Demos look uncomfortable watching the two: Damn who had just hit the door They looked at each other one can achieve this grade of Warcraft is definitely not an ordinary varieties ; this looks like a puppy in the end is what breed of Warcraft World of Warcraft that we wanted to spend the night but also look to your home owner can promise! slightly pondered a moment Dong Chengang open road promised your sister ; my master does not like a man if you are beautiful Demos Yaotouhuangnao began here we come to your house masters rest that highly of you you actually dared to contradict this Niexu we really Zuigaiwansi today kill you ; so you also rose a lesson not a person You can be offended! Dong Chengang suddenly angry and say that they are a product of how Wu Sheng actually is a pet so despise ; this is simply a great insult Then he slides Dongchen Gang bang pulled out his sword Demos will be beheaded has soft white hands gently holding down Dong Chengang sword smiled and said: Argus ; you have to learn to neutralize his temper so it is easy to bad childrens! Look at Li Dong Dong Chengang languishing Demos throwing up on the spot and just eat the food on the spot on the spit bucket division of Montreal ; or these two guys or two groups actually The cute little pet Demos mouth suddenly broke out between angry roar the body in an instant explosion a few hundred meters the vast fiercely Wei and Li Dong Dong Chengang shrouded in the body ; suddenly a burst of flames as black as ink outbreak open They could not help but simultaneously shocked is a product of two Wu Sheng they both looked up in the hands of the sword two opposite energies moment they integration ; and instantly burst out of the most terrifying forces black flames and two together to attack fiercely collide together the shock force of terror broke out the whole house shook violently and went but Lin Feng still sleep well ; if not for themselves somewhat hostility in this sense at least to sleep until tomorrow morning They just teamed blocked Demos attack but not where a black shadow fast across the void and snapped a Cuixiang draw in the air ; a steel generally smoked tail fiercely the void come to Dong Chengang head Dong Chengang screaming quickly put aside the hands of the sword while his hands up over the pages of the vast forces violently broke off from the palm severely beat in the Demos tail ; like a thunder in general Dong Chengang could not help but mounted the pedal back a San Sibu while Li Dong handheld ice blue sword fiercely toward Demos body stab down a bit off it towards Dong Chengang Lidong ice blue sword Demos severely stabbed in the neck but the Dragon is not that tough scales Lidong this strength can Damage to ; Dong Chengang roar loudly his hands tightly arrested mouth toward Demos Demos tried to block the bite Demos tongue entangled Dong Chengang lightweight roll it and then forced a pull ; Dong Chengang Demos will fall into the mouth white teeth around a mill I heard screaming Dong Chengang whole people have been Maritimo Sri Lanka to tear into two parts Li Dong spot screaming up Demos grinning loudly: Never mind ; Ill let you stay with him immediately! then roll stout tail fiercely grabbed Li Dong had to throw into his mouth a voice resounded through the world Demos suddenly felt the surrounding space is completely confined to live ; and he can only maintain the Dong people eat but never made good superfluous The action is necessary is the king of the strong level! Demos mind only able to emerge out of an idea followed by a tail it came a dramahe pain ; the whole tail was to shoot straight Xiaoduan open Section 0115 Chapter shake heaven sage! come but it is a majestic man aged approximately forty years old plump body muscles strong ; hands still holding a golden sword Keke Li Dong loud loud coughing suddenly stumbled came to the mans side loudly crying out: shake heaven and sage you can give me call the shots ah! ; He killed the beast shake heaven and deities originally majestic but just to hear the voice of Li Dong suddenly felt a chill from the bones to take the child out of gas Nisheng tired voice suddenly let sage felt a shake heaven and comes out from the bones nausea kick open the Li Dong: Mom ; shake heaven and sage was very disgusting legs shook as if stained with what unclean things in general but it is the body of the prohibition untied Demos Demos took the opportunity to show their wings shoved sky ducked shake heaven sage force field range: Damn humans dare cut my tail today let you know that your uncles terrible dragon! ; Demos shoved a mouth mouth spit out a series of notes who can not understand the meaning of these words but the shakeday sage face was shoved changed exclaimed: Dragon magic words ; Tiamat purgatory kill! mouth and shoved it open then a black as ink flames roared from the Demos were spewing out of the mouth black as ink a dragon hovering shake heaven and sage straight straight down Lin Feng to Doushuai purple fiery demon to trap Demos ; and Demos is relying on this trick to kill Tiamat purgatory blocked Tusita purple fire which burst open the prohibition Lin Feng although not as good as the original Demos extremely powerful but it is still the power to kill Tiamat purgatory can not be underestimated day sage roar shake the hands of the golden sword sword Pichu ; against the Demos dragon fiercely Zhanxia flames quickly filled Jian Qi on golden even as iron juice generally melt off but still steadfastly toward Demos Zhanxia €ut just touch the flame ; Demos he uttered Menheng abdominal chop already opened a deep wound blood spewing out suddenly violent Demos Xiangyebuxiang Tau ran and now their forces than it is to shake the sky deities that much difference ; and left to certain death who let him sleep come forward as long as there is hostility against him then he can immediately wake up this guy is so fast hardware ; much stronger than himself can Lin Feng worthwhile here to die Demos turned around almost at the moment I felt fiercely sank his head heavy as Mount Tai severely stepped on his head ; suddenly shoved a body Demos Shen involuntary body sank a little has once again stepped in the second leg of his head the power of this kick more powerful ability Demos absolutely no resistance decreased again continuous dozens foot kick fiercely forehead on Demos ; Demos directly from the sky hit the ground and then gave it to have stepped into the fiercely among earth dizzy and fell Demos abrupt rupture tail felt a sharp pain came followed by fiercely pulled himself out of the earth which then allows Demos dramatic impact felt as if all his organs shift in general Biequ Demos this is the only idea ; but distinguished himself darkness nine dragon who evolved from small to large although also experienced some risk but also smoothly all the way and the road met Lin Feng started Niexu today dare hurt my people you want to be beheaded here! ; shake heaven and came to the front of the Demos of sage golden sword hands raised high they have to cut off the Di Moss forehead Demos heart suddenly emerge out of touch deep between the beholder Lin Feng is now deep sleep ; unless otherwise face hostility will never wake up and now nobody Lin Feng hostile Demos now finally at the most critical time Lin Feng distributed beholder shake the hands of the sword sageday whirlwind Zhanxia ; Demos a head are gone a group of distorting the air speed across the void that severely hit the golden Janus sage pupil could not help but shake the day slightly shrink up the body can not help speed The back of the dozens of steps looked alert is a step toward his came on the scene ; do not let me sleep well are not you Lin Feng went one step forward could not help but slightly surprised: Hey who cut off your tail! Demos really crying ; as if all the grievances that instant burst out in general:! Master ah ah you can give me the shots I have been honest lets you rest who knows they will occupy our possessions you look at my poor tail ah! Lin Feng looked Demos a touch of opening: I know! ; Lin Feng left emerged out of a group of white waved it not into the Di Mosss body were Demos suddenly surprised to find their wounds actually in a visible recovery of speed even their tails are broken into two parts fit together very quickly shake Lin Fengday sage staring coldly began ; Im just a nobody nothing looked pale sage shake the opening day and said: You wounded my horse shake heaven and sage said morally I see you fancy checking it its magic Lin Feng gently shrugged ; looked pale sage shake the opening day: Do not just say so you successfully angered me today! shake heaven and sage their eyes shine with the light of the cold: do not give you a lesson it seems you do not know what his last name wounded my horse will pay the price! ; Lin Feng looked sneer shake heaven sage: Im hard to rein it till he actually dare you abuse him only do not put too! I looked down the master! 0116 Chapter thirds owned by Genkinot in the state in recent days can not find the feeling depressed! ; shake heaven and sage roar body speed pediment with his speed only see a golden light flashes even though Wu Sheng are difficult to capture his speed but Lin Feng has clearly captured ; the eye instead of an obstacle the sky shines the soul of the earth feeling the fluctuation of the surrounding air shake heaven and sage suddenly appeared behind Lin Feng the hands of the sword outrageously pixia ; like a large golden Galaxy general rippling up Lin Feng seemingly casual gently moved the body that road horror Jianguang will tear the void towards infinity places Cleave away shake heaven and sage figure then changed hands a sword suddenly burst into countless bright Jianguang heavy sword in his hand actually broke out dexterity should never arise ; Lin Feng hands and fingers suddenly broke off between on each finger are haunted by a strange energy and blue constantly wink at your fingertips Lin Feng is shining the end is very Tough lightweight point in the shakeday sage of Janus unstressed place ; shake all day sage attack tactics was Lin Feng exhaustively Dangxia to his kinglevel peak strength the power of Lin Feng did not shake fingers onethird owned by their strength Lin Feng eventually strengthen the cream boxing day ; after learning this skill Lin Feng even comes with a twothirds owned by their strength Lin Feng is accounted a great cheap this trick of gold has broken jade is a very just very fierce fingering power side is extremely powerful ; second measureLin Feng palms slightly changed third worldaccompanied Lin Fengs low growl a gas cloud instantly spread out fiercely towards the shakeday bombardment from sage sage and his face could not help but shake heaven and becomes a fierce ; physical half a step back a little fast hands shoved Sword lift of a sudden like a dry pull Jianmang layers of onions forming a generally airtight walls stand in front of his body energy fiercely attacked three groups on the golden Jianmang to that given that golden tear fiercely Jianmang into countless fragments ; Lin Feng secretly sigh and now their strength with this shake heaven sage forces still a lot of difference which is not to shake the day sage to abuse their own youre not really in the original order presumably to grasp a good fighting skills ; youre still not level! shake heaven and sage Suddenly laughter shake heaven and sage Growl suddenly between the hands of the sword fiercely inserted toward the earth down violent eruption countless Jianying open ; lofty Jin Guangping to play terror Jian Qi Chi Chi were drilled from the earth as if the next layer Jian Yu general Kazamaki floor disabled! the body rapidly spin up ; a violent group biting winds spin up to Lin Fengcentered form of a terrorist group Gang Feng Lin Feng Jian Qi just close to the moment all golden Jian Qi is as if caught in a huge swamp in general can not continue towards Lin Feng attack from growled again shake heaven sage ; golden sword raised again and then a few hundred meters long full Jiangang appear out of thin air like a golden Jian Qi has been something of traction in general fast moving That a few hundred meters long golden Jiangang violent come together sword piercing golden Jian Qi in less than one second will run through the void in front of Lin Feng ; three yuan normalized! Lin Feng Zheng Yuan double three distinct Heart together quickly into a sudden Lin Feng space in front of them like a dramatic twist to form a generally circular transparent energy ball three yuan normalization ; but it is the integration of Aeolus legs behind clouds palm and fist three days of frost secrets tricks this move should not exceed the power of the collusion of the situation this trick is The situation is far inferior to the combination onethird owned by Genki situation far less than the risk of collusion ; situation collusion Once launched the strength of a little weakness can be its own little life but onethird owned by their strength has to secure more it is also onethird owned by the power of strength is still not allowed to be underestimated ; Lin Feng palms gently startled distorted crazy ball of energy toward that golden Jian Qi fiercely boom up conquering freeze Jian Qi is like a general onethird owned by the strength of the forces actually shake shake heaven and sage giant Jiangang and the frightening thing is ; that even the golden sword covered with cracks and even defeat onethird owned by their strength the presence of spectators who both are suck down a cold lump just Demos abused when they had arrived so horrible energy fluctuations ; in addition to Lin Feng Where to sleep basically all of the weapons in the town of St so that they feel a deep shock it was recognized that the original martial art can be so powerful bang Decrepitation golden Jiangang ; then it distorts the energy ball falls fiercely shakeday sage who before millionth of a second later a group still glaring than the sun The light shining on the whole piece of land then the sound is deafening blast set off a twelve earthquake everyone could not help opening their eyes ; shake heaven and deities would this fall in a name not seen nobody turn you breeze swept the smoke gradually dissipated the ground has been more of a giant pit full of hundreds of meters deep and then shake heaven and sage figure gradually appeared in front of the crowd ; the moment of shake days deities already covered Maoxue her body is charred one you actually harm me so embarrassed! shake barely looked up at the sky deities Lin Feng ternary normalized power really is enormous ; even the king of the strong level should seriously injured although not the situation Combination of power Lin Feng saw a shakeday sage lips with a faint smile covered with open pores opt for an instant ; countless essence of heaven and earth has been something like a general speed traction toward Lin Fengs body come together Lin Feng a step towards the sky deities went to shake his right hand free to grab one then a blood exudes Gunslinger will appear in Lin Fengs hands Tears of Blood Gunslinger! shake heaven and sage keeping a close eye Lin Feng ; although the body thrown into a panic but it is still in the hands of Gold Sword bloom the most dazzling light foot blasted two groups strange ripples ranging shakeday sage react chest came a sudden chill ; only to see a sharp tip already fiercely through his chest bloodshot countless moments will shake heaven and sage wrapped around the body shake heaven and sage body suddenly felt blood being pumped spotless consciousness also will dissipate turned into a mummy down on the ground ; feeling Tears of Blood comes out of an excited Gunslinger will Lin Feng could not help but smile: ! seems strong level of uptake of a king of flesh and blood a lot of you and can evolve0117 Chapter strong cloudsTears of Blood Gunslinger exudes a touch of fierce and brutal carnage a lot of the strong uptake of the essence ; it has gradually evolved together spirit fierce soldiers have begun to slowly brewing just wait until the molding Tears of Blood Gunslinger To enhance the power of at least ten times more Lin Feng cold glanced around a product Wu Sheng ; Tears of Blood Gunslinger Lin Feng seems to be sensitive to those who follow the raging hostility broke out an amazing amount of evil spirits suddenly arms around a product St waves over the body just felt chills involuntary back open Lin Feng That came before the house ; free press a button the whole house suddenly once again become a universal capsules Lin Feng looked a Demos Demos homeopathy becomes the body of the dragon Lin Feng Demos carrying rush toward the Great Mountain ; dark atmosphere here is really getting rich up! the more close to the forest the slightest cold dark atmosphere is hit head the bodys blood as if in a freezing up in general But for Demos speaking ; this dark flow for himLin Feng mind a slight movement pubic Taiji diagram shoved roll cold air which then involved in Taiji diagram warm heat wave which will be flowing in the meridians open cold feeling swept away Im afraid is not an ordinary temple! ; Lin Feng increasingly more close to the feeling of the bands unusual to find a secluded place where no one would bother estimates Lin Feng This change in the reuse universal capsules A small house to live in woke up when Lin Feng a Road piercing voice constantly echoed in my ears along with the arrival of the morning the air element which also seems to suffer from darkness to live in general ; Lin Feng patted the head of Demos Demos will be carrying Lin Feng walked toward the temple much of a dark black temple will appear in Lin Feng sight of them which is a similar kind of church buildings but is now dilapidated it ; when Lin Feng came here there has been a lot of people gather a product with hundreds of full Wu Sheng suspended above the sky there are four volley figure which one of the strongest ; but also the atmosphere even Just above the original yellow than is already the threeheaded dragon of darkness Demos stronger imperial class strong! Demos somber look at the momentum of the most powerful men looked eye emerges out of touch deep fear no doubt that this is a very handsome man the most significant is that of an elegant hair ; a pair of naked eye blinking as if the emptiness of the Thunder came to his eyes in general Lin Feng quickly estimate what each others strengths find themselves even though it may not be able to use the gossip Shazhao kill this man if able to gossip about the flag again strengthened ; greater power of the outbreak of gossip flag possible to defeat him addition to this man let Lin Feng noted that there is a wrinkled old lady this lady looks like Qilaobashi though but they did not dare to underestimate Lin Feng ; the old ladys strength compared to the imperial class just for men is only slightly less of a chip breaking the imperial class is only a matter of time this old lady dressed in red robes fire call his body to complete hiding there is a man Kongwuyouli upper and lower body ; Demos found Lin Feng keen to see him again when even uncontrollable trembling slightly up this guy is a onestop but our dark rival Dragon Gold Dragon ah! Demos eye emerges out of touch of deep fear ; mutual restraint Wei made him feel a kind of shudder if in the heyday of the Demos would not care but there is strength in Demos now how to fight with him everything that I am! Lin Feng not care about watching the Han ; the Dragon is the minimum needed to become the king of humanoidclass strength Demos also can transform the original but now it is lost original strength Lin Feng do not care that the man looked at this man did not notice Lin Feng and Demos ; eyes only on that ancient temple constant search last one is a beautiful girl looking her age is not more than double ten at the moment is riding a white unicorn body this girl is too white ; moving with an holy Jiao Yeshang breath is particularly full strength of these people as except that the first man the rest of Lin Feng did not feel tough ; hes not kidding Shazhao gossip a trace of black gas continued to spread from the top of the Temple Plaza black clouds blotting out the sun enveloped the whole piece of land which is really strange ruthless Temple ; Lin Feng riding Demos gradually close this dark temple four of the momentum while locked in the Lin Fengs body four shares of vast momentum violent oppression of Lin Feng almost falling down from the sky No wonder so many of them would dare to fly four people with it ; has a flight of Warcraft is definitely not no but why no one dares to fly even in this original pubic region which Tai Chi suddenly roll burst into the air a black and white two groups airflow out of thin air a gigantic Taiji diagram appears ; all the momentum into one but it is actually Lin Feng did not expect all of their momentum into together then the hum is heard terror blast erupted four body opt shocked ; have their own momentum convergence not care about each other just looked at the golden dragon Demos a deep their eyes do not know what the idea of €urning I definitely want to secretly kill this dog days! ; Demos huge head shaking Lin Feng severely patted Demos head sneered: I do not know in the end is how you practice but also to reach Timor level so timid but the palace dark lines here as long as you can get enough dark spar child he is not easy ; Demos could not help but shocked my heart suddenly rolling up if the peak has its own strength this garbage Long considered something Demos suddenly put down a large stone ; his eyes from time to time in the golden dragon swept him also do not know what kind of idea of €urning This is to wait until when ah! Lin Feng sighed softly back from Demosumped down and walked straight towards the palace ; Lin Feng came to the front pillar centuries which is now above the pillars carved with a grim demon At first glance even giving a feeling of horror is for Lin Feng did not play any role Tears of Blood Gunslinger! ; Lin Feng lightweight reach the Tears of Blood Gunslinger pillars severely stabbed facing up Tears of Blood Gunslinger suddenly emerge out of a mass of color between red suddenly broke out in a dark picture of the whole pillar of evil spirits black evil spirits being something like a general speed traction toward Tears of Blood Gunslinger come together With the passage of evil spiritsentire column suddenly cracked countless lines ; Lin Feng leap once again returned to the Demos of the back along with the column split already dilapidated temple crashing bouncing between broken open a trace gas permeates the darkness of the earth an extremely dark presented in the hole among the crowds attention ; but the first order of cast stone staircase straight to the depths of the earth 0118 Chapter door deep underground cavities (one more)Hey! see Lin Feng easily create a deep underground cave the crowd watching Lin Fengs eyes suddenly changed Demos also amazing watching Lin Feng ; the next day the wind Ling I do not know how you call the most powerful man directed Lin Feng smiled Lin Feng smiled and replied very politely I do not know Linxiong know how to get rid of this temple ban it ; Wind Ling Lin Fengday pretending to be looked puzzled Xinkouhuzhou said: In fact this is not a big secret but our ancestors handed down a treasure map above identifies the location of this temple ; and how to get rid of here prohibition so ah Wind Ling Lin Feng looked unconvinced day one Lin Feng obviously do not believe it but he did not continue to pursue further but added that Huang Jinsheng tempted agitated mind: Well ; you know What is the crypt beneath it looked at the crowd and said: Under this crypt has been divided into six of the world God is said to be one of the ancient world Di produced we will enter into the crypt of a world know where to find the entrance to the next crypt before they can enter the next level in the world! ; this time the old lady and the unicorn girl riding a holy fast also meet up So you know that in the world the next level asked the old lady could not resist opening lead Lin Feng smiled and said: exit where I naturally know ; each layer of the world is very large it requires a lot of time and each layer will have a lot of monsters but also to spend a lot to find time! it easier to handle Huang Jinsheng sneered opening: This is not a product of Wu Sheng has a lot do to let them lead the way to our good ; goodwind Ling days nodded and said: If they are coming to a treasure hunt organized also a good thing! Please note that when we speak people who have begun to enter the crypt it! while riding a unicorn beautiful girl meet up ; then he just simply suicidal immediately opening: Then introduce myself my name is Lin Feng from Wei! faint wind Lingday open road that you still royal children! side of the Huang Jinsheng sneered: No wonder ; granny followed began beautiful girl riding a unicorn holy cold open road these guys one distinguished lineage but Lin Feng did not know that they are behind what represents even know Lin Feng did not care but with his back to give him an entire prehistoric world when the patron ; who own cattle on the background force five people glance at each other then simultaneously release their momentum a product of hundreds of Wu Sheng can be considered an extremely huge strength ; if it is absolutely Wei pushed all the way flat but these are a product of Wu Sheng from all sides you want to pour into one force is basically impossible faced five people simultaneously released a product of many momentum Wu Sheng suddenly felt terrible pressure provisional body even in this moment could not move ; then Huang Jinsheng St Kane Yiwuyishi tell the such a product Wu Sheng called people had to bow under the eaves even though they are determined to resist also to confront only five people obediently obey fielding ; five people under the leadership of a product many Wu Sheng gradually down toward the stairs entire level is very long continuous decline in the number of kilometers long overhead light dimmed up but the presence of both a product of Wu Sheng With a little bit of shimmer can clearly see the surrounding environment do not know how long ; Lin Feng suddenly stopped reaching all the way to move forward to show in front of everyone there one vast door the whole door was carved with great terror of evil skeletons evil spirits exudes an aweinspiring door next to a row of bloody small print ; those who believe in me but have everlasting life Feiwu believers would not join my door! watching a row of small print Lin Feng suddenly have the urge to laugh a spray ; who believe in me eternal life and I also believe Chun death place full of blood to the full state of the resurrection but the wind Ling days who is somber look at the small print of the bloody row Lingday long wind gently sighed: ! ; really ah seems there is indeed a seal with the devil just do not know that there is still a heaven have what it God St Kane could not help but slightly surprised a moment immediately sneered: I do not think so right! ; Kane hands gently lifted up against the top of the door muscular body broke out in an instant the vast Juli Maronite addition to their fighting talent its own power is very scary it is also the mighty St ; this moment He burst out of power even down a hill can be given to him above the door suddenly burst into a mass terror force Kane shivers of terror forces violently burst open Kane felt a holy terror force along the meridian own violent broke off terror fanzhen power directly to St ; a few hundred meters to burst open the boss of a blood spray out fiercely her body seemed to be hacked in pieces in general tearing pain in general It really is a strange door! ; the hearts of the crowd could not help but burst of cold so the strength of the Holy Kane has been a face to face such a tragic injury how to enter this door ah! this door is not casually can break Feiwu believers would not join my door ; and it is to this belief that you ah! Kane sullenly opening: ! if faith in an unknown god Di how can I practice to todays realm Ling Fung opening day smiling ; the wind Lingday arms slightly a sudden the whole body broke out in a group of one hundred awakened terror Gang Qi bright silver Gangqi as if a dragon soaring in general and then turned into a Babel Sword ; own flesh as the core to lead their own Gangqi gathered earth elements but it is a silverwhite sky Sword Sword looks and general real sword is not the slightest difference even with the whole of the also exudes a hint of the sword Jian Qi ; against which the sky close to the Sword Jian Qi will have a temporary body to be torn into a thousand pieces pain Lingday wind roar loudly silver Babel sword fiercely Cleave down with a group from the dazzling white light heavy Pizhong that door throughout the Sword just touch the door suddenly cracked numerous cracks ; then crashing into countless fragments of the explosion the entire crypt Jianguang instant masterpiece cracked sword body to release numerous terror Jian Qi Some of the strength of the weak is to be ripped numerous Jian Qi half of a life lost ; wind Lingday fast after mentioning open two legs like a plow in general leaving two deep ravin